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Glymph Properties is the Perfect Tenant for your property – The Forever Tenant.

Why should you enter into a rental or rent to own contract with Glymph Properties? The long and short of it is that our company is the perfect tenant and lease option buyer. We will handle routine maintenance and any minor issues that may pop up. We pay all of our bills on time. Rent, utilities, and/or any HOA dues are all paid by our in house accounting team. When it comes to working with us you should expect to never have any problems with us or our guests. We routinely host investors from all over the N/S America, Russia, and China and are looking to expand our corporate housing offerings. We offer a community experience to all of our (potential) investors and most accept. With that being said, they could afford to stay at the best hotels that money can buy, but we like to give them a more informed experience by having them stay as close as possible to the areas they plan on investing in. Our community housing options need to be safe, immaculately kept, and tastefully appointed.

Are you all like the Hiltons? 10 times out of 10 you will never have heard of us and we’d love to keep it that way. If you were to Google us you’ll find 1 inaccurately reported yelp review for robo dialing… other than that zilch. The majority of our business is driven by word of mouth, our referral sources, and affiliates. So, in certain circles where most of our investors or properties come from then yes we are popular, but that’s only because of the services we provide. We like to do what we need to do efficiently, quietly, and professionally. Earning any type of negative feedback or reviews on our services would be detrimental to our bottom line so we work diligently to ensure there’s never any reason to complain.

We are a privately held company so any interactions with us will be held in the strictest of confidence. We could be your secret to sky high occupancy rates and easy times as a landlord and/or management company. If you elect to allow us to use your property as corporate housing you receive all the benefits of having the perfect tenant and none of the downside of normal tenants.

Being a landlord can be highly rewarding and challenging. In the best of times your only job is to cash your rent checks and ensure your bills are paid. In the worst of times your job can be chasing delinquent tenants and squatters, breaking up fights, fixing up destroyed units, serving eviction notices, going to small claims court to recoup lost revenue, spending hours trying to find highly qualified tenants, and a host of other tedious, time consuming, daunting, and just all around not fun tasks.

We routinely host investors, both foreign and domestic, who are looking to invest in US real estate as well as other short stay guests. We work with landlords to provide a launching platform for our guests to explore the city and experience the best that the city has to offer. Our guests aren’t looking to party or cause issues. They treat our corporate housing like a very expensive hotel room because we maintain a strict code of behavior and outfit our units with the best that money can offer.

Our goal is to find the best rental and rent to own properties for our clients while making your landlord dreams come true. We are the win-win. We ensure you have the perfect tenant… us. We are 100% responsible for the property. We make sure your property is respected, protected, and cared for. Each property that we manage isn’t under the care of a single individual like in the case of renting to “normal” tenants, but rather under the care and supervision of a team. Each of our properties is serviced by around the clock customer service and account representatives for our investors. If they see a bug they call us. If the toilet stops working they call us. If they just want a tour they call us. They call us not you. With common tenants you have to worry about so many things, a lot of which you may not even be conscious of. Let’s examine what’s plausible…

Wear and tear

With conventional tenants wear and tear is a major factor. These tenants see your property as their home and treat it as such. There are there every day. Walking in/out. Using the appliances. Slamming doors and scuffing floors. They are cooking in the kitchens and using the bathrooms. And… let’s not talk about what their pets get up to. Put simply… they are living. Living in a space takes a toll on property.

Glymph Properties understands the value in limiting wear and tear. As a matter of fact our guests don’t see your property as “theirs”. Our guests are only there for a short time. They aren’t there to take advantage of housing because they would prefer to be out and about enjoying the city. They don’t want to live in the property they are essentially looking for a place to keep their things while they go out and a place to lay their heads at night. To top it off we have a team of professional cleaners who come in after each guest to clean the room from tip to tail. During the course of our lease or lease option we pay strict attention to detail. If something, regardless of how small, needs to be fixed our maintenance staff will handle it. When you trust Glymph Properties with your property we’ll return it to you in the same condition or better.

Property Damage

As professional property owners/managers you conduct background/reference checks on potential lessees. Knowing a prospective tenants past is important if you’d like to filter applicants based on past behavior, but how do you influence or prevent them from doing something to your property once you lease it to them? The short answer is very little, which is why some owners dread the rental make ready process. You are one person not a nationwide network that will blackball them for inappropriate behavior. Common tenants don’t plan to destroy your property. In fact what we in the real estate industry would consider quality degradation they just see it as living. Like when they scar the growth of their children on the wall or door molding, or when in the heat of an argument someone places a fist through a door or a wall, or when they want to paint a wall, or when they want to add stenciled sayings to the walls, or when they paint a meticulous mural for their kiddos. As I’m sure you’ll agree the American dream is to have a home, whether that’s an apartment, condo, town home, or standalone home, 2.5 kids, a “good” job, and a dog. We love the American Dream in fact that’s what spurs many of our buyers, but in a rental situation children and pets can wreak havoc.

We here at Glymph Properties believe background checks are awesome. You learn so much about a prospective tenants past, but how can you ensure they won’t mistreat your property? We know everyone we work with, trust money to, and invest on behalf of. These are pillars of the community who are looking to explore your city not become a community distraction. Our investors, guests, and short term visitors work with and rely on our nationwide network of realtors, property managers, co-investors, and community housing network to earn a living. They won’t want to jeopardize their ability to work with us by mistreating your property. If your property is child/pet friendly rest assured that we’ll ensure that if any of our guests elect to bring their children and/or pets that they’ll be on their best behavior, and that if they aren’t we will fix anything that they may damage. Glymph Properties maintains a team that monitors each property. Not only do our guests know that they’ll be penalized for any damage they cause, but we also have a team that will fix any potential damage that they cause. If that wasn’t enough, we also insure each property with a One Million dollar policy to help protect you, us, and your property from personal injury or property damage claims.

Property Security

When you lease your property to standard tenants you issue keys. Front door, back door, mailbox, maybe even a garage door. Your tenants can and do make as many keys as they’d like even if they’re not supposed to. Who do they give those keys to? Once they vacate are you sure that they turn in all the copies?

Glymph Properties will never share issued keys with anyone, instead we will enable electronic entry with secure electronic keys. No one will ever receive a physical key. We issue our guests electronic keys that only work during the time they are supposed to be there. Our staff have their own keys that our property managers activate when needed. We have 100% control on when these keys are issued, activated, and deleted. If ever you need or want to access your property your physical keys will gain you access.

It’s a lot of work

Traditional tenants require background checks, reference checks, and regular monitoring. Leasing your property to Glymph Properties means that you never have to lift another finger to manage your property.


Forcing an eviction on “normal” tenants is a costly, time consuming, tedious endeavor. Working with Glymph Properties means that you never have to worry about evictions again. We pay rent on time every time.


Unfortunately drug use is pervasive. As a landlord if you’ve never had to face a situation where drugs were involved you have been tremendously lucky and we’d love to get your input for the next lotto drawing. When you have “normal” tenants you have to be aware of the possibility that your tenants may avail themselves of drugs whether they be legal or not. We’re sure we don’t have to tell you what can happen to your property when you have tenants under the influence because you can use your imagination or past experiences. Crimes can happen at random, sometimes however tenants can be targeted to become victims or in the worst type of situations use your property as they are carrying out or planning to perpetrate a crime.

Our guests are business professionals and community explorers. They are visiting our corporate housing options to either 1) check out investment opportunities or 2) learn more about the city/community they are looking to invest in. 9 times out of 10 they will be flying through international airports which as we all know don’t allow drugs or weapons. We will admit however that our tenants are responsible respected adults and as such are legally able to purchase alcohol and tobacco once they come to the US. With that being said if you don’t allow drinking on your premises we’ll make that be known and enforce it. If however you’re ok with it, in the almost non-existent chance our guests want to avail themselves rest assured it’ll be a limited quantity of Mijiu or a nice bottle of wine and not malt beer, kegs, or wine coolers. We don’t host party animals and ravers, but rational reasonable respectful adults.

Domestic Disturbances

Domestic disturbances happen. As a landlord/property manager you understand just how volatile “normal” tenants can be. Most, if not all, of your tenants thank goodness are terrific members of the community. There are those however, that cause disturbances and maybe they’re not violent, but they can be loud, emotional, and trying for their neighbors. Hearing a passionate couple, or a group of friends fighting can be as nerve wracking as hearing tires squealing behind you when stopped at a red light.

Our investors and guests are typically only going to be staying for a few days. It’s not much time to make new friends or lovers to get into passionate arguments with. You can expect no domestic disturbances to ever come from a unit you rent to Glymph Properties as corporate housing.

If you’ve never worked with a corporation to lease or sell a property then rest assured we are well prepared to prove ourselves, our process, and the behavior of our guests. If you aren’t comfortable or don’t have experience with leasing to corporations then we are more than prepared to enter into a short term lease to allow you to gauge just how great of a tenant we can be. Give us one month. If you don’t like what you see we’ll vacate the premises.

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