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You’ve stumbled upon one of the best online resources for Phoenix, Arizona property sellers. You more than likely found this article because you are trying to find a serious company to pay off your property either close to or somewhere near 85007. Look no further you have just discovered your company. If you want to sell a Phoenix, Arizona house, Glymph Properties has to buy homes close to Phoenix quick!! Glymph Properties buys houses 1 of five ways… Stupid Fast, Much faster than Brokers, Quicker than you could without hiring somebody, For cash (At a discount), or our personal fave, subject-to with owner financing.

If you are facing a time crunch and must sell house in Phoenix swiftly we can and do routinely close within 96hrs and we have plenty of times. Having said that… in order for Glymph Properties to quickly acquire your property, we must work together. We more than likely will require your help to collect everything we need rapidly – put out ugly bandit signs. If for whatever reason we can’t afford to buy your home sight unseen we work with investors that purchase houses all over the country and that would welcome the opportunity to invest in your house near Phoenix.

Have you tried to sell a property in Phoenix, Arizona with a realtor? It is time-consuming, usually taking months to successfully sell a Phoenix home and very expensive, generally costing at bare minimum 6-15% of your sales price. Exclusive listing contracts that keep you from working with other realtors/investors/brokers. Inspections that require you to make upgrades. Property viewings that. Open houses full of time wasting unqualified non-buyer “buyers”. Hopefully, you don’t owe more on your property than it’s worth & you at least have 10-12% equity otherwise you may wind up paying the real estate brokers to sell your property although you walk away with having broken even. Long story short…We can get you the price you want faster and with less hassle.

As much as it pains us to admit this, if you tried to sell a property on your own… 8.5/10 times you won’t sell it for the price you want if you sell it at all. In fact, 85% of all FSBO listings go unsold. Unsold For Sale By Owner listings are one of the major sources of leads for real estate brokers because they know you will need their help. You would spend months attempting to get it sold and end up either selling to an investor, not getting the property sold, or pleading with a real estate broker for help. We can save you all the time and hassle.

90 % of property sellers want cash with the quickest closing date. They do not want to have to wait 35-120 days before the money hits their bank account. Unfortunately, if they go the conventional route this is exactly what occurs if they successfully sell their home. Really, if virtually all home sellers in Phoenix had their way, they or their broker would find a serious buyer, set a mutually beneficial price, and close ASAP. If you are looking to sell for what we’ve been looking to buy… we could certainly do just that. We can close within 24 hours. Please keep in mind that in Phoenix we buy properties cash but only if they are priced to sell.

Lastly, we purchase nearly all of the real estate in our portfolio using owner financing. This is an ideal strategy for Phoenix sellers trying to find the best price feasible and close quickly. Buying Phoenix homes on terms allows us to give Phoenix sellers the exact price they want and potentially buy the property w/in minutes.

This is how we make our living, we buy properties in any condition. Glymph Properties provides everything you need to make getting rid of a house in Phoenix as quick as possible. We are here to help you get rid of your house, our caring process is what separates us from our competition.

If you want to learn more about us, give us a ring at: 888-509-6267 or shoot me an email @

Thank you for reading, and happy selling!


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