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You have found one of the best property selling resources online. You more than likely found this blog post because you want someone serious to buy your home near 85007. Look no further you really want to sell your Phoenix, Arizona home and we really want to buy. If you need to sell a Phoenix, Arizona home, we need to acquire homes around Phoenix fast!!! Glymph Properties buys houses one of five ways… Super Fast, Quicker than Licensed Realtors, Much faster than you could without hiring somebody, For cash (***discounted***), and our personal fave, subject-to with seller financing.

It takes place more than most of society knows, but we encounter folks in Phoenix every day who are wanting to sell their properties ASAP. By that we really mean in days instead of the 3 months it usually takes. With that in mind, in order for something like that to happen we have to work together. We may ask for your assistance to wrap things up rapidly i.e. upload a community walk-through video. If for whatever reason we can not buy your property because either 1) we have too much inventory or 2) we don’t have any buyers currently looking for a home near Phoenix we have a huge database of investors that acquire houses nationwide and that would love the option to buy your Arizona property.

Have you attempted to use an Arizona real estate broker before? It is time consuming. Property viewings that might consume your private time at property. Open houses full of time wasting unqualified non-buyer “buyers”. Hopefully, you don’t owe more on your property than it’s worth & you have at least 10-13% equity otherwise you may wind up paying the realtors to sell your property whilst you walk away with nothing. We can get you the price you want faster and with less hassle.

As much as we hate to admit it this, if you tried to sell a house on your own… 8 /10 times you will not be successful. In fact, more than 80% of all For Sale By Owner listings go unsold. Unsold For Sale By Owner listings are the major source of leads for real estate agents because they know you will need their help. You would spend months attempting to get it sold and wind up either letting it go to an investor, failing to get the house sold or begging a realtor for assistance. We can save you all the potentially wasted time, energy, hassle, and money.

Most property sellers prefer cash not seller financing. They tend not to want to have to wait 30-90 days before the sale is concluded and their mortgage is paid off. Realistically, if they go the conventional route this is exactly what takes place if they successfully sell their home. The truth is, if virtually all home sellers in Phoenix had their way, they or their real estate agent would find a serious buyer, agree to a price, and get paid 6 days. If the situation is right… we could certainly do that. We can close within hours. Please keep in mind that in/near Phoenix we buy houses cash but only if they are priced to sell.

Finally, we buy just about all of the real estates in our portfolio using owner financing. This is an ideal solution for Phoenix sellers trying to find the highest price possible and close quickly. Buying homes on terms allow us to give sellers exactly what they’d like and potentially buy the property within hrs.


This is how we make our living, we buy properties in Phoenix in any condition. Glymph Properties provides everything you need to make selling a property in Phoenix as straightforward as possible. We are here to help you get rid of your property, our thoughtful process is what makes us stand head and shoulders above our competition.

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