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Welcome to our exceptional little blog. You probably found this blog because you want someone serious to pay off your home in 76904. Look no further, you need to sell your San Angelo, Texas house and we really want to buy it. If you need to sell your San Angelo house in San Angelo, we need to purchase homes near San Angelo, Texas quickly. GP buys properties 1 of 5 ways… Stupid Fast, Much faster than Real Estate Brokers, Much faster than you ever could without help, For cash (***discounted***), and last but not least our personal favorite… subject-to with seller financing.

If you’ve ever visited an FSBO, FRBO, or any real estate sales web site or even seen a property ad it is impossible to miss all the San Angelo house sellers that want to sell their house within 21 days not 3 months. Let us take an imaginary poll… if we offered you the price and closing date you wanted would you waste your time with the typical path of using a real estate agent? Every answer would obviously be a definitive no and that’s what we offer. We take great pride in meeting and absolutely thumping expectations. With that said, in order for us to quickly get you the price you’re looking for, we must work together “juntos”. We will ask for your help to collect everything we need rapidly, for example, put out cardboard yard signs. ***RARE OCCASION*** If for whatever reason we can’t make room for another San Angelo house in our portfolio, we work with international and domestic investors that acquire homes all over Texas and that would relish the occasion to invest in your property near San Angelo.


Have you ever attempted to use a San Angelo real estate broker before? It is time-consuming. Property viewings that. Open houses full of time wasting dodgy non-buyer “buyers”. Hopefully, you don’t owe more on your property than it’s worth and you have at least 10-12% equity otherwise you may end up paying the real estate agents to sell your home although you walk away with nothing. We are faster and obviously cheaper.

As much as it pains us to admit this, if you made an effort to sell a home on your own… 9/10 times you won’t sell it for the price you want. In fact, nearly 90% of all For Sale By Owner listings go unsold. Unsuccessful FSBO listings are the major source of leads for real estate brokers because they know you will need their help. You would spend months trying to get it sold and wind up either to an investor, failing to get the house sold, or pleading with a real estate broker for assistance. We can save you all the potentially wasted time, energy, hassle, and money.

Most property sellers prefer cash, not seller financing. They tend not to want to have to wait 30-90 days before the money hits their bank account. Regrettably, if they go the standard route this is exactly what happens if they successfully sell their property. In reality, if the majority of home sellers in San Angelo had their way, they or their broker would find a buyer, agree to a price, and close within 96 hours. If you happen to be looking to sell for what we’re looking to buy, we will do just that. We can send you an offer in minutes and close within hours.


Lastly, we purchase just about all of the homes in our portfolio utilizing owner financing. This is an ideal strategy for sellers trying to find the highest price possible and close quickly. Buying San Angelo houses on terms allows us to give sellers the exact price they want and potentially buy the property within hours. Point of Pride* Seller financing allows our company to buy as many properties as sellers need to sell which allows us to help more sellers.

This is how we make our living, we buy properties in any condition. Glymph Properties provides everything you need to make selling your house as quick as possible. We are here to help you sell your home, our patient process is what makes us stand head and shoulders above our competition.

If you want to chit chat, give us a ring at: 888-509-6267 or shoot me an email at

Thanks for reading, and good luck selling!

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