How do I get rid of my own home without an agent in Chula Vista ?

How do I get rid of my own home without an agent in Chula Vista ?

How do I get rid of my own home without an agent in Chula Vista ?-sell your home fast


Looking to avoid real estate broker commissions and still sell your Chula Vista house…. we can help!

In order to help you accomplish your goal of getting rid of your house, Glymph Properties will work with a real estate professional to get the job done for you.

After all, paying 5-6% of the sale of a house in a commission is a whole lot of money. In certain situations, brokers and real estate agents can be very useful and earn their commission. Not always.

There are a number of tricks to avoid paying high commissions on a sale.

Before we get going, there’s one basic real estate custom you have to know about.

In most house sales in Chula Vista , ordinarily half of the 6-8% commission you pay as the seller goes to pay for the buyer’s broker.

Doesn’t make much sense, right?Give it a second- let it really sink in, you are literally paying for the buyer’s agent to negotiate against you. Simply, you are negotiating against yourself. You are paying to lose cash.


Why should you pay for the agent on the other side of the table?


Seriously, it contradicts reason – it is just what is traditionally done in most cases.

You can use that to your advantage in several ways.


First, take into account the commissions paid when you happen to be looking at the comparable sales. If the properties similar to yours sold for prices that included commissions, take that into account.

Be careful, don’t under price your property – be aware that an experienced buyer will probably expect to have a discount too. If you are doing the work of one realtor, you should expect to save that money.


Most of the time in Chula Vista , buyers who are not represented by a buyers agent will not remember to negotiate the buyer’s side commission out of the price for themselves, so do not remind them if you don’t want to pay them. Just don’t be surprised if it comes up during the negotiation.


You may want to consider offering 2.5% to have real estate professionals bring their clients to walk your property. Sure, it’s a lot of money. If you’re pricing your property including that commission, you can always hammer out a more advantageous deal for a purchaser who comes without a realtor.


Having said that, if you don’t leave room for the buyer’s realtor’s commission, will be excluding most of the buyers in the market in Chula Vista .


– that’s of transactions take place through the MLS – that is the Multiple Listing Service. It’s the main database that all the real estate agents in Chula Vista use to find information for their clients on the houses, condos, land and investment properties for sale, along with data on the sold prices.

In the past, you had to pay a full commission to get your property or home on the MLS. Now in Chula Vista , there are a few real estate brokers who will charge you a service charge just to list your property on the MLS. Generally, you spend a few hundred bucks and you only pay a commission if you sale your house.

Compared with the cost of a newspaper ad, the MLS is a cheap way to market your home to the largest audience.

Most of the big real estate websites like, Zillow, Yahoo Homes, etc. use data from the MLS. Chances are really good that when you submit your house in Chula Vista to the MLS, information on your property or home will end up on most of the major online websites within days.


Each of these sites sells ads. They’ve got packages that let you pay to greatly enhance your listing, feature it at the top of the search, and a lot of other bells and whistles that might or might not get an interested buyer to buy your property.

Advertising can be a gamble. Occasionally open houses in Chula Vista can be a good way to sell a house, and at times they’re a complete waste of time. Same with newspaper ads, craigslist posts, fancy signs – from time to time they work, and quite often they don’t.


To efficiently sell your property without any help, you have to advertise it well.

Putting fliers and signs around your community can generate some calls, and there are a lot of free websites where you can post information. But usually just posting flyers and hosting an open house is not enough if your property doesn’t appeal to the everyday home buyer.


In theory, real estate professionals charge considerable commissions because they have to spend a ton of money up front to promote your home. By advertising lots of houses at once, they expect to get more phone calls – and obviously, they’ll make good profits by selling lots of properties.

Certain properties might possibly require thousands of dollars in advertising expenses before the right buyer happens to see the ad and call.


If you want to avoid paying any kind of commissions, you can also sell your house to investors like us for CASH.

Glymph Properties provides fair prices for properties – and we can close fast (in as little as 3-5 days if you need to).

Sometimes we’ll buy Chula Vista properties, fix them up, then lease them… sometimes we’ll fix them up and sell them to other people looking for great homes in the area, and a lot of other reasons, too – but we love to hear from people like you who are thinking of selling anywhere in Chula Vista .


Glymph Properties invests because we care a lot about Chula Vista .

We close fast and can pay cash in as little as just 3-5 days. Give us a call now at 888-509-6267 Ext 4 or fill out the short form over here .

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