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You’ve uncovered one of the best home selling resources online. You have found this blog because you need someone serious to pay off an Orlando home. Well… look no further you have found your company. If you have to sell your Orlando, Florida home… we acquire properties in Orlando, Florida quick. Glymph Properties buys homes one of 5 ways… Crazy Fast, Quicker than Licensed Brokers, Much faster than you could solo, For cash (discounted***), and our personal fave, subject-to with seller financing.

If you have ever visited an FSBO or any real estate sales site or even seen a property ad it is inconceivable to miss all the Orlando property sellers that want to sell their house within 7 days not 2 months. Let’s take a poll… if we offered to give you the price and closing date you wanted would you bother with the conventional path of using a real estate agent? 100% of the answers would obviously be a resounding no and that’s exactly what we offer. We take great pride in meeting and thumping expectations. With that said, in order for us to quickly get you the price you are looking for we need to work together. We may require your help to collect everything we need ASAP i.e. take some home photos. ***FYI*** If for whatever reason we can not make room for another Orlando home in our portfolio we have a massive group of investors that buy houses worldwide and that would love the chance to invest in your Orlando, Florida property.


Have you ever tried to use a real estate agent before? It is time-consuming, usually taking months to successfully sell a house in Orlando and very expensive, normally costing at least 10% of your most ideal sales price. Exclusive listing contracts that prevent you from using other realtors/investors/brokers. Inspections that require you to make expensive upgrades. Property tours that will have a number of random strangers trudging through your home. Open houses on the weekends. Hopefully, you don’t owe more on your property than it’s worth and you at least have 10-12% equity otherwise you will probably wind up paying the realtors to sell your property whilst you walk away with nothing. In short, we can get you the price you want faster and with less hassle.

As much as it pains us to admit this, if you tried to sell a home on your own… 8.5 times out of 10 you will not sell it for the price you want. In fact, nearly 90% of all For Sale By Owner listings go unsold. Unsuccessful- and by that I mean the home did not sell– For Sale By Owner listings are one of the major sources of leads for real estate agents because they know you are going to need their help. You would spend months hoping to get it sold and wind up either to an investor, failing to get the property sold, or begging a realtor for assistance. We can save you all the potentially wasted time, energy, hassle, and money.

Most house sellers really want cash, not seller financing. Orlando Sellers usually do not want to have to wait 30-90 days before the sale is concluded and their mortgage is paid off. Regrettably, if they go the common route this is exactly what occurs if they successfully sell their property. Really, if the majority of home sellers had their way, they or their real estate agent would find a serious buyer, agree to a price, and receive their money within 72 hours. If you like one of the several ways we buy homes in Orlando … we can certainly do that. We can email you an offer in minutes and close within hours. Please keep in mind that in Orlando we buy properties cash but only if they are priced to sell.


Lastly, we buy most of the real estate in our portfolio utilizing owner financing. This is the ideal strategy for Orlando sellers looking to get the best price possible and close quickly. Buying houses on terms allows us to give Orlando sellers the exact price they want and potentially buy the house within hrs.

We make our living by buying properties in every possible condition across the USA. Glymph Properties provides everything you need to make selling a house in Orlando as straightforward as possible. We are here to help you get rid of your property, our caring process is what differentiates us from our competitors.

If you want to chit chat, give us a ring at 888-509-6267 or shoot me an email at akmauri@gpbuyshomes.com.

Thank you for reading and good luck selling!

Akmauri Glymph


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